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Family of Alvin FIRTH and Ella Elizabeth BARROW

Husband: Alvin FIRTH (1927-1989)
Wife: Ella Elizabeth BARROW (1926- )
Children: Laurie FIRTH (1956- )
Caroline FIRTH (1958- )
Paul Leonard FIRTH (1960- )
Wayne Christopher FIRTH (1962- )
Marriage c. 1955

Husband: Alvin FIRTH

Name: Alvin FIRTH
Sex: Male
Father: Leonard FIRTH (1882- )
Mother: Hannah HORSFALL (c. 1885-1950)
Birth 20 Apr 1927 USA
Death 4 Apr 1989 (age 61) USA

Wife: Ella Elizabeth BARROW

Name: Ella Elizabeth BARROW
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Jan 1926 USA

Child 1: Laurie FIRTH

Name: Laurie FIRTH
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Oct 1956 USA

Child 2: Caroline FIRTH

Name: Caroline FIRTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Christopher KREIDERMACHER (1958- )
Birth 24 Jun 1958 USA

Child 3: Paul Leonard FIRTH

Name: Paul Leonard FIRTH
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Dec 1960 USA

Child 4: Wayne Christopher FIRTH

Name: Wayne Christopher FIRTH
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Aug 1962 USA

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