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 If it moves, salute it . . .  If it doesn't, paint it

Rick Adams
Scott Adams
Jim Aikin
Chris Angelini (frobozz)
Sebastián Armas (incanus) Spain
Mike Arnautov
Toni Arnold
Sam Kabo Ashwell

Simon Baldwin
Daniel Barkalow
Brendan Barnwell
Sean Barrett
Martin Bays
Georgina Bensley (papillon)
Peter Berman
James Bernsen
Luca Bertaiola Italy
David Betz
Peter Bienstman
Greg Boettcher
Stephen Bond
Frank Borger Germany
Kevin Bracey
Suzanne Britton
Neil Brown
William Burke

Adam Cadre
Zoltan Carnovasch Austria
Xavi Carrascosa (Grendelkhan) Spain
Nikos Chantziaras
Andy Clapham
John Clemens (JDC)
Andrew Clover
Graham Cluley
Ivan Cockrum
Branko Collin The Netherlands
Alan Conroy
Francesco Cordella Italy
Michael Coyne
Chris Crawford
Nate Cull

Liza Daly
Daniel Dawson
Neil deMause
Joe DeRouen
Paul de Valmency
Ethan Dicks
Christos Dimitrakakis
Paul David Doherty
R(oger) N Dominick
Ray Dunakin

Nathan Eady (jonadab)
Jennifer Earl
Florian Edlbauer Germany
Andy Elliot
John Elliott
Tim Emmerich
John Escobedo
Steve Evans
Eric Eve
Greg Ewing

Benjamin Fan
John Ferris
David Fillmore
Roger Firth
David Fisher
Jim Fisher
Scott Forbes
Kevin Forchione
Eric Forgeot France
Chris Forman
Star Foster
Erik Max Francis
Daniel Freas
Ryan Freebern
Andrew Frederiksen

Daniel Garrido (dhan) Spain
Michael Gentry
David Given
David Glasser
Jay Goemmer
Stephen Granade
Roberto Grassi Italy
David Griffiths
Stephen Griffiths
Jacob Gunness
Neil K Guy

Brian Hall (beej)
Doug Harter
John Holder
Steven Howard
Bob Hughes
Andrew Hunter

Michael Iachini
Jon Ingold
Francis Irving

Daniel Janus Poland
Dennis Jerz
Jeff Johnson

Aris Katsaris
David Kinder
Michael Kinyon
Chris Klimas
Cedric Knight
Jessica Knoch
Bob Kraus
Uli Kusterer

Simon Lamont
Brian Lane
Rupert Lane
Nat Lanza
Rich Lawrence
David Ledgard
Yoon Ha Lee
Philipp Lenssen
Kevin Lighton
Roger Long
Jacqueline Lott
Søren Løvborg
Kevin Lynn

Chris Madsen
Tim Mann
Steven Marsh
Eric Mayer
Jason McIntosh
Zak McKracken Spain
Stefan Meier
Rob Menke
Iain Merrick
James Mitchelhill
Nick Montfort
Carl Muckenhoupt (baf)
Ed Mueller
Eileen Mullin
Alexandre Owen Muñiz
Mark Musante
David Samuel Myers

Graham Nelson
Peter Nepstad
Thomas Nilsson
Rob Noyes (spatch)
Richard Northedge

Paul O'Brian
Dylan O'Donnell
Martin Oehm Germany
Magnus Olsson
Toby Ord
Richard Otter

Paul Allen Panks
Marnie Parker (doeadeer3)
Jonathan Partington
Jason Penney
José Perez-Schofield Spain
Hans Persson
Lenny Pitts
Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
Roger Plowman (wolf)
Jean-Luc Pontico France
Andrew Pontious
Richard Poser

Stephen Ramsay
Fredrik Ramsberg
Fredrik Ramsberg Sweden
L(ewis) Ross Raszewski
Daniel Ravipinto
Tom Raymond
Gareth Rees
Bob Reeves
Leisa ReFalo
Rick Reynolds
Giovanni Riccardi Italy
Leonard Richardson
Philip Richmond
Lou Rinaldi
Doug Roberts
Mike Roberts
Evin Robertson
Kai Roos Germany
Bernd Röhling Germany
Donnie Russell
Matthew Russotto

Muffy St Bernard
Walter Sandsquish
Deane Saunders (rexx magnus)
Ferlin Scarborough
Vincenzo Scarpa Italy
Peer Schaefer
Peter Scheyen
Alessandro Schillaci Italy
Gunther Schmidl
Dan Schmidt
Miron Schmidt
Manuel Schulz
Jason Scott
Peter Seebach
Howard Sherman
Robb Sherwin
Dan Shiovitz
Emily Short
Ricardo Signes
Eric Smith
Lucian Smith
Mike Snyder (sidney merk)
Al Staffieri
Scott Starkey
Duncan Stevens
Ryan Stevens (rybread celsius)
Quintin Stone

Kent Tessman
Stephen Thomas
David Thornley

Marco Vallarino Italy
Stephen van Egmond
Michael Vokits
Mikko Vuorinen

Alex Warren
Andrea Weikert Germany
David Welbourn
Mark Welch
J Rob(inson) Wheeler
David Whyld
Campbell Wild
Gil Williamson
Storme Winfield
Chris Molloy Wischer
Joshua Wise
John Wood
Don Woods

Graeme Yeandle


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