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Inform games: July 1999 to December 2003

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1-2-3 by Chris Mudd
1981 by Adam Cadre
2604 by Admiral Jota
98769765 by Adam Biltcliffe
9:05 by Adam Cadre

Acman Fever by Adam Cadre
Ad Verbum by Nick Montfort
Adoo's Stinky Story by B Perry
Aesthetic Deletions by Johanna Hunt
Agency by Ricardo Signes
All Roads by Jon Ingold
Amishville by Jacob Amman
Amissville by Gunther Schmidl
And the Waves Choke the Wind by Gunther Schmidl
And Then is Heard no More by H. Helfgott
Angel Curse, The by David Welbourn
Annoyotron by Ben Parrish
Another Day, Another Sea Monster by Dan Schmidt
Apocalyptica by D Jacob Wildstrom
Appallatron: Annoyotron 3 by Sean Barrett
apple from nowhere, an by Brendan Barnwell
Armario De Auga by Nick Montfort
ASCII and the Argonauts by J Robinson Wheeler
Asendent by Sourdoh Farenheit, Kelvin Flatbred
Assignment by Matthew Murray
At The Bottom of the Garden by Adam Biltcliffe
Atomic Heart, The by Stefan Blixt
Augmented Fourth by Brian Uri
August by Matt Fendahleen

Baluthar by Chris Molloy Wischer
Banana Apocalypse and the Rocket Pants of Destiny by Emily Short
Bane of the Builders by Bogdan Baliuc
Basket of Destiny by John Cater
Battle of the Planets by Gunther Schmidl
Bears, Bears, Bears by Admiral Jota
Beat the Devil by Robert Camisa
Behold! by Admiral Jota
Being Andrew Plotkin by J Robinson Wheeler
Being the Little Guy by Adam Biltcliffe
Best Man, The by Rob Menke
Best of Three by Emily Short
Big Mama, The by Brendan Barnwell
Bio by David Linder
Bipolar Bear by Adam Cadre
Biscuit by Petar Kanuritch
Body, The by Sean Barrett
BOFH by Howard Sherman
Break-In by Jon Ingold
Breaking the Code by Gunther Schmidl
Burglar! by Doug Roberts
Burnt Toast by Josh Giesbrecht

Caffeination by Michael Loegering
Calliope by Jason McIntosh
Canapés of Death, The by Cedric Knight
Carma by Marnie Parker
Carnival by Admiral Jota
Case of Samuel Gregor, The by Stephen Hilderbrand
Castle Amnos by John Evans
Catch That Haggis by Adam Biltcliffe
Causality by Hugo Martay
Centipede by J Robinson Wheeler
Cheating Death by Adam Biltcliffe
Cheer Up by Sam Thursfield
Cheeseshop by David Welbourn
Chicks Dig Jerks by Robb Sherwin
Chico and I Ran by Jim Berry
Choose Your Own Romance by David Dyte
Circus of Sadness, The by Duncan Cross
City of Secrets Trailer by Emily Short
City of Secrets by Emily Short
Colours by J Robinson Wheeler
Comp00ter Game by Brendan Barnwell
Comp01ter Game @: N0n c0mp0s ment1s by Brendan Barnwell
Constraints by Martin Bays
Cough Cough by Jennifer Maddox
Count of Monte Cristo, The by Duchess
Courier who Missed Me, The by Christopher Huang
Cove, The by Kathleen Fischer
Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster, The by Emily Short
Cross of Fire, The by Matthew Carey
Crouton Caper, The by Andrew Schepler
Crusade by John Gorenfeld

d2d by Simon Lamont
Damsel and the Dragon, The by Richard Bos
Dangerous Curves by Irene Callaci
Dark Abyss of the Heart by Gunther Schmidl
Dark Soul by A Owen Muñiz
Day for Fresh Sushi, A by Emily Short
Day for Soft Food, A by Tod Levi
Dead of Winter by Gunther Schmidl
Deadline, or Being Douglas Adams by Gunther Schmidl
Death Death Death Death by Anonymous
Death of Two Great Minds, The by Alex Watson
Death to my Enemies by Jon Blask
December 31, 2002 by Christopher Shelton
Deephome, a Telleen Adventure, The Return: Part 1 by Joshua Wise
Degeneracy by Leonard Richardson
Descent of Man by D Jacob Wildstrom
Destiny of the Chihuahua by Adam Biltcliffe
Deus Ex Machina by Gunther Schmidl
Die Bewerbung by Maximilian Kalus
Digging for Onions by Christopher Huang
Dinner with Andre by Liza Daly
Dino Hunt by Admiral Jota
Dino's Night Out, A by Aris Katsaris
Dinosaur Dinnertime! by David Clysdale
Discord by Sean Barrett
Djinni Chronicles, The by Jim Berry
Domicile by John Evans
Donkey Kong by Andrew Plotkin
Doomsday by Admiral Jota
Download! by Adam Cadre
Dragon George and The Man by Marnie Parker
Dragon! by Adam Thornton
Dreams Run Solid by Caleb Wilson
Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage by Harry Hol

Earth and Sky by Paul O'Brian
Earth and Sky 2: Another Earth, Another Sky by Paul O'Brian
Elements by John Evans
Elephants and the Afterlife by David Fillmore
English Suburban Garden by Cedric Knight
Enlisted by G F Berry
Episode 2: Revenge of the Mutant Spiders by Adam Biltcliffe
Epitome of Toastlessness, The by Jason Love
Escape from the SS Borgarís by Kevan Davis
Eschew as if you were She by W M Wellman
Evil Sorcerer, The by Gren Remoz

FailSafe by Jon Ingold
Falling Angel by David Cornelson
Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky, The by Anonymous
Fido and the Dead Body by David Cornelson
Filaments by J B Ferrant
Film at Eleven by Bowen Greenwood
Finding Henry by Duncan Cross
Fine Tuned by Dennis Jerz
First Wave, then jump up and down screaming by L Ross Raszewski
Fish and Spaceships by Adam Biltcliffe
Fit for a Queen by Margia McPolti
Flamel by Francesco Cordella
Flexible Pants by Jonathan Rosebaugh
Floyd by Adam Biltcliffe
For A Change by Dan Schmidt
Fort Aegea by Francesco Bova
fractalz by Peter De Wachter
Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless III: Endgame, A by Admiral Jota
Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless, A by Christopher Huang
Friar Bacon's Secret by Carl Muckenhoupt

Galatea by Emily Short
Galaxian by Stacy Cowley
Garden of the Dragon by Admiral Jota
Generic Title by Bowen Greenwood
Getting to know the General by D Jacob Wildstrom
Ghost Ship by Pete
Ghost Train, The by Paul Johnson
GlkChess by Simon Baldwin
Glossary by Caleb Wilson
Gostak, The by Carl Muckenhoupt
Got ID? by Ed Mueller
Got Toast? by Jim Fisher
Gourmet by Aaron Reed
Grade 3 Parallax, The by Christopher Shelton
Great Ritual, The by Gunther Schmidl
Great,The by Peter Blanston
Greystone by Howard Sherman
Guard Duty by Jason Finx
Guess the Verb! by Leonard Richardson

Halb Zwei by Florian Edlbauer
Hallway by Ricardo Dague
Halothane by Quentin Thompson
Hamilton Hall by Cedric Knight
Hank Buzzcrack Has A Job To Do, God Damn It by Duncan Cross
Happy Ever After by Robert Camisa
Harlequin Girl by Sean Elliott
Harrington House by Gayla Bassham
Health Inspector by Joe Mason
Hell: A Comedy of Errors by John Evans
Help! My Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken! by Admiral Jota
Here be Dragons!!! by Gunther Schmidl
Heroes by Sean Barrett
Heroine's Mantle by Andy Phillips
Highland Chef by Graeme Pletscher
House of the Midnight Sun by Paul Johnson
How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down? by Tom Waddington
Hunt for Relief, The by Christian Gaertner
Hunter, in Darkness by Andrew Plotkin

Identity Thief by Rob Shaw-Fuller
Important Appointment, An by Jennifer Earl
Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!, The by David Dyte
Inevitable by Kathleen Fischer
Infiltration on Io by Ryan Freebern
Inform School by Bill Shlaer
Insider Information by John Graeme Bichard
Insight by Jon Ingold
Inspiration by David Glasser
Internal Documents by Tom Lechner
Invaders by Mark Musante
Invisible Argonaut, The by Jacqueline Lott
Isla de Tokland, La (in Spanish) by Angel Ros Campillo

Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win by Jim Berry
Jane by Joseph Grzesiak
Janitor by Kevin Lynn, Peter Seebach
jason finds fleece by Gunther Schmidl
Jigsaw 2 by Adam Cadre
Joust by Jennifer Earl
Jump by Chris Mudd

Kids Shouldn't Have to Save the World by Marnie Parker
Killing the Doctor by Victor Verbitsky
Koan by Esa Peuha
Krakatoa Tuna Melt by David Welbourn

La Lagune de Montaigne by Caleb Wilson
Lake, The by John Cater
Land of the Cyclops, The by Francesco Cordella
Large Machine by Gringo G Scumm
LASH by Paul O'Brian
Last Laugh, The by David Cornelson
Last Sonnet of Marie Antoinette, The by Emily Short
Lazy Gods of Earth by Stark Springs
Letters from Home by Roger Firth
Lighan ses Lion by Andrew Plotkin
Literacy by David Glasser
Llangollen Rock City by Sam Thursfield
Lobster, The by Caleb Wilson
Lock & Key by Adam Cadre
Lode Runner by Anonymous
Logic Puzzle Sampler by Andrew Plotkin
Lomalow by Brendan Barnwell
Lone Star Menáçe, The by Ricardo Signes
Losing Your Step by Gunther Schmidl
L.U.D.I.T.E. by Rybread Celsius

Mage Wars: Statue, The by Jim Fisher
Man from DEFRA, The by Kevan Davis
Marble Madness by Emily Short
Masque of the Last Faeries, The by Ian Ball
Masquerade by Kathleen Fischer
Medusa by Jim Fisher
Metamorphoses by Emily Short
Midpoints by Mike Hnatushko
Misterio en la Torre (in Spanish) by Sonia Collado Rubayo
Moments Out of Time by L Ross Raszewski
Monkey Stole Your Toast!, A by Admiral Jota
Monsters by Tech
Moon Over Jupiter by Admiral Jota
Moonlit Tower, The by Yoon Ha Lee
Mountain by Benjamin Penney
Mulldoon Legacy, The by Jon Ingold
Mulldoon Murders, The by Jon Ingold
Music Education by Bill Linney
My Angel by Jon Ingold
MythTale by Temari Seikaiha

Narcolepsy by Adam Cadre
Need! More! Toast! by Adam Biltcliffe
Nevermore by Nate Cull
Newcomer, The by Jason Love
Night at Milliways, A by Graeme Pletscher
Night At The XYZZYies, A by John Cater
Night Driver by Anonymous
No Room by Ben Heaton
Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich by David Cornelson
Not Just a Game by John Menichelli
Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina by Jim Aikin
Not Made with Hands by Emily Short

Ocaso Mortal I: The Bug by Anonymous
Offensive Probing by Ben Croshaw
Oily Deeps, The by John Cater
Old Sherwood Cemetary, The by Duchess
Olvido Mortal (aka Shattered Memory) by Akbarr
One Night in the North Atlantic by Christopher Huang
Only After Dark by Gunther Schmidl
OnNoEf by Evin Robertson
Ork 1 by Adam Cadre
Ork 2 by Adam Cadre
Oth by Gunther Schmidl
Outsided by Chad Elliot

Pac-Man by Adam Cadre
Pantheon, Party On by Tony Delgado
Pants on the Run by Jonathan Fry
Pantsless in Seattle by David Cornelson
Paper Moon, A by Andrew Krywaniuk
Parallax Dream, A by Andrew MacKinnon
Parallax Moon Bar Conspiracy, The by Adam Biltcliffe
Parrot Stock Exchange by Adam Cadre
Pass the Banana by Admiral Jota
Pecos Town by Tommaso Caldarola
Pentari: First Light by Howard Sherman
Peter Theta Fixes the Holodeck by Duncan Cross
Photograph by Steve Evans
Pick Up the IF-Archive and Pi by D Jacob Wildstrom
Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle by Ola Sverre Bauge, Steve Bernard, Jon Blask, John Cater, Liza Daly, David Dyte, Stephen Granade, Iain Merrick, Rob Noyes, Dan Schmidt, Dan Shiovitz, Emily Short, J Robinson Wheeler
Pick Up the Phone Booth and Dye by Eric Schmidt
Pickpocket, The by Alex Weldon
Pirates and Ninjas and Aliens, Oh My! by John Cater
Plaque by Admiral Jota
Possibility of Life's Destruction, The by Gunther Schmidl
Potsticker by Nick Montfort
Practical Astrology by Admiral Jota
President, the Democrats, and Smelly Pete, The by David Cornelson
Prized Possession by Kathleen Fischer
Prodly the Puffin by Craig Timpany, Jim Crawford
Profesee, The by Dan Schmidt
Punk Points by Jim Munroe
Pytho's Mask by Emily Short

Queen of Swords, The by Jessica Knoch

Ralph by Doug Jones
Rameses by Stephen Bond
Ramon and Jonathan by Daniele Gewurz
Reality Railroad by Admiral Jota
Reality's End by Harry Hol
Redemption by Kathleen Fischer
Rent-A-Spy by John Eriksson
Return to Silli Productions by Eric Schmidt
Return to Zork: Another Story by Stefano Canali
Revenge of the Chalupa by Dan Schmidt
Revenger by Robb Sherwin
Ribbons by Jim Berry
Risorgimento Represso by Michael Coyne
Road to Destruction (featuring Bob Hope), The by D Jacob Wildstrom
Robodud by Ian Waddell
Romeo, Juliet and the Dog by Ricardo Dague
Roots by Sophie Fruehling
Rowr! by Gunther Schmidl
Rox by L Ross Raszewski

Samhain by Ed Mueller
Savoir Faire by Emily Short
Scary House Amulet! by Ricardo Dague
Schizo by Tommaso Caldarola
Schooldays by Andrew MacKinnon
Schroedinger's Cat by James Willson
Schrödinger's Door by D Jacob Wildstrom
Screen by Edward Floren
Sea Captains by Lyssa Penn
Secret Agent by John Cater
Sell-Out by D Jacob Wildstrom
Sensory Jam by Andrew Plotkin
Seppo's Diner by Adam Cadre
Service with a Smile by Josh Giesbrecht
Serving Your Country by Fletcher Smyth
Shade by Andrew Plotkin
Shangri La by Caleb Wilson
Shapes by Al Golden
Shrapnel by Adam Cadre
Silence of the Lambs 2 by The Thief of Bad Gags
Silicon Castles by David Given
Sinking the Lily Jane by Ryan Freebern
Slouching Towards Bedlam by Daniel Ravipinto, Star Foster
Sofa At The End Of The Universe, The by Sean Barrett
Soul-Searching by Jason Love
Sparrow's Song by Jim Berry
SpeedIF 19 by Harry Hol
speedIF O Entry, A by David Welbourn
Spitting Crumbs by Duncan Cross
Spodgeville Murphy and the Jewelled Eye of Wossname by David Fillmore
Spot, The by Kid Vicious
Spy Who Always Wears Gloves Now, The by David Cornelson
Squeaky on the Moon by David Welbourn
Star Rider (in German) by Maximilian Kalus
Stegosaur's Night Out, A by Quentin Thompson
Stick it to the Man by Brendan Barnwell
Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country by Adam Thornton
Stop For The Night, A by Joe Mason
Stroll on the Roof, A by Sam Thursfield
Stupid Kittens by Ed Mueller
Sycamora Tree by David Dyte

Tale of the Kissing Bandit, The by J Robinson Wheeler
Tanker and Webb by Andrew Frederiksen
Taxes by Josh Giesbrecht
Tears Keep Getting In My Dr Pepper by Marnie Parker
Tears May Fall by Ryan Freebern
Temple, The by Johan Berntsson
Textfire Golf by Adam Cadre
Theta Point, The by A Owen Muñiz
They're After You! by Bob Reeves
Thorfinn's Realm by Roy Main, Robert Hall
Thorn, The by Eric Mayer
Three-Card Monkey by Adam Cadre
Tic-Tac-Torment by Adam Cadre
Tight Spot, A by Quim Holland
Tightest by D Jacob Wildstrom
Time Bastard by Matt Fendahleen
Timeout by Stephen Hilderbrand
Tinseltown Blues by Chip Hayes
Titanic: Leo's Revenge by Volker Lanz
To Get to the Other Side by Bob Reeves
Tommy the Toaster by Coala
Tookie's Song by Jessica Knoch
Tooth Ow Zunden Too by Duncan Cross
Tooth Ow Zunden Won! by Duncan Cross
Top Hat for Eddie, A by David Cornelson
Tower of Beef, The by Ricardo Signes
Toxic Sewage (A (Love) Story) by John Cater
Traffic Light, The by Eric Schmidt
Tragedy strikes at the XYZZY awards! by Adam Biltcliffe
Transfer by Tod Levi
Trapped in School by Paul Drallos
Travels of Fitzwilliam Pound, The by Caleb Wilson
Triple Bear Beer by David Cornelson
Triumphant Return of the Evil Sea Grape by Adam Biltcliffe
Twilight in the Garden of Exile by Alan Stanley Long

Under Cover of Darkness by Christopher Huang
Unfortunate Training of Frank Lee, Monkey Butler to Be, The by Josh Giesbrecht
Untitled by Gunther Schmidl
Upwards and Onwards by D Jacob Wildstrom

Vacation Gone Awry by Johan Berntsson, Staffan Friberg, Fredrik Ramsberg
Vacationing in Scotland by Duchess
Vanyar by Johan Berntsson
Varicella by Adam Cadre
Very Old Dog by Tony Delgado
Vicious Cycles by Simon Mark
Visitor, The by Peter Polkinghorne
Voices by Aris Katsaris

Wade War 3 by Jim Fisher
Walk on Gue Street, A by Chris Charla
Walk Through Forever, A by Duncan Cross
Weapon, The by Sean Barrett
What Dreams May Come by D Jacob Wildstrom
What-IF? by David Ledgard
When Help Collides by Jim Berry
When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firetruck by Rob Noyes
Why Did the Dino Cross the Road? by Richard Bos
William Tell: The Game!!!!!!!!!!! by Kid Vicious
Winchester's Nightmare by Nick Montfort
Winter Wonderland by Laura Knauth
Withdrawal Symptoms by Niclas Carlsson
WOODEN CAT vs ROBOT MONKEY by Sam Thursfield
Words of Power by Stark Springs
Wormwood Days II: The Aftermath by Caleb Wilson
Wurm by Cedric Knight

YAGWAD by Digby McWiggle
(You're) Toast! by Gunther Schmidl
You Are Here by Roy Fisher

Z-Chess by Eric Schmidt
Z-Trek by John Menichelli
ZFunge by Martin Bays, Francis Irving
Zig-zy by Jonathan Rosebaugh
Zokoban by D Jacob Wildstrom
Zombie a Deadville, Uno by Tommaso Caldarola