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Nitfol is a Z-machine interpreter with built-in debugging support. In addition to the standard compiled game file, it uses a debugging information file GAMEINFO.DBG; use the compiler's k switch to request that this file be created:

infrmw32 -k~D~S Cloak | more

Because nitfol is a cross-platform interpreter, it doesn't take much advantage of any presentational bells and whistles which your environment may offer; all you get on a PC is a pretty plain window:

  nitfol window

The forward slash / introduces a debugging command; here it's being used to direct nitfol to the compiler's information file, and then to list all of the available debugging commands.

Sadly, nitfol assumes a familiarity with the UNIX gdb debugger which I don't possess; also, it seems to crash rather too readily. I hope to revisit this segment armed with strengthened knowledge and/or software; in the short term, I feel this is a tool to be treated with caution.

Better late than never, here's a quick tutorial on numbers and addresses.