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InfAct -- about Inform NPCs

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Like its associate InfLight and InFancy, InfAct is an Inform overview site, this time covering Non-Player Characters (NPCs). As before, this is just a sampler of the tools and techniques available, more a kit of parts than a ready-to-run solution; the work of breathing life into your creation is a long hard slog, but very rewarding if you make a success of it.

The material is loosely organised as follows:

What makes an NPC? And what makes him come alive?
Silent interaction
There's always room for a little give and take.
"Hello, Sailor" (or, more accurately, "Say good morning to the ancient mariner").
Conversation packages
Some assistance in keeping things moving in the right direction.
Sometimes, you've just got to tell 'em what to do.
Cut the ties that bind! Set them free!


To clarify where the various example displays come from, a little colour-coding is used:

This is a sample of text in an Inform source file.

This is from a Z-machine interpreter at run-time. 


Various modules are mentioned along the way; my gratitude, as ever, to the authors concerned:

We'll begin by creating a minimal NPC object, then provoking a few reactions.