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I'm not: a teacher, car dealer, driving instructor or vendor of church organ music, and I've no interest whatsoever in mountain bikes, the Manasses National Battlefield Park or Charlton Athletic football club. spacer

All that you'll find here is material connected with Interactive Fiction (IF) -- text-based adventure games like Zork and its successors. (Need some background information? Try the Ifaq.)

Some items are of potential interest to the whole IF community:

  • the Cloak of Darkness Annotated Adventure ("text adventure's version of the Rosetta Stone" -- Wolf), an exercise in implementing the same example game in all of today's mainstream IF authoring systems.
  • my one-page summary of important IF links, Parsifal.
  • information on editors suitable for IF development.
  • a selection of licenses spelling out the terms under which Freeware games -- the mainstay of our community -- may be distributed.

These relate only to Inform 6, Graham Nelson's impressive Z-machine compilation system:

Letters from Home

Finally, there's Letters from Home, a lightweight unpretentious romp (though with some tricky aspects), and my only significant example of IF authorship. You can download the game (180KB) and a walkthrough, or read some reviews by judges in the IF Competition of Autumn 2000. If you've not already got one, you'll also need a Z-machine interpreter program.

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This page is retained online for reference by users of Inform 6. It has not been maintained since 2005.

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