IAGE (Internet Adventure Game Engine) is developed by Robin Rawson-Tetley, whose pages at www.iage.homeip.net are the primary information source.

IAGE is an interpretive system -- no compiler is involved -- in which a game exists only as a single ASCII file, created within the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The interpreter comes in two halves: a front-end client which receives player input and displays the game's response, and a back-end server which reads and tokenises the game file and performs the necessary processing. The client and the server communicate via a TCP/IP network connection, which means that two modes of play are supported: local (with both client and server using a loopback connection on the same machine), and remote (with the client on one machine and the server on another). In remote mode, several clients can connect to a single server, thereby providing the capabilities of a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) system. All components are written in Java; they are fairly small, but do require the (5Mb) Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your machine. A native Windows display client is also provided. Finally, a mini HTTP server enables the game to be played on any web browser. Here's what Cloak of Darkness looks like in this mode.

The IAGE version of "Cloak of Darkness" was written by Robin Rawson-Tetley (iage@btinternet.com).