ALAN (Adventure LANguage system) is developed by Thomas Nilsson and Göran Forslund. The ALAN pages at provide a good starting point.

The ALAN authoring system consists of a compiler and an interpreter, both of which are available for the most common platforms -- Windows, MacOS and Linux. The source language is at a very high level, favouring description over traditional programmming.

Quoting from the FAQ for the newsgroup, which was written when the current version of Alan was v2:

It isn't as powerful as the other Tier (i) systems. However, it is apparently easier to learn.

Read the complete ALAN entry at (Adventure LANguage system) or the entire FAQ at

The ALAN version of "Cloak of Darkness" was written by Stephen Griffiths (, and converted to ALAN 3, the present version of the system, by Thomas Nilsson (