ADRIFT (Adventure Developer & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit) is developed by Campbell Wild, whose pages at are the primary information source.

ADRIFT runs only under Windows (95, 98, NT). Unlike most of the authoring systems featured here, it is not based on the traditional model of compiled source and interpreted binary files. Instead, as with SUDS, a game exists only as a single binary file which is created by the Generator (a series of specialised editors) and read by the Runner. Both components use a Windows-style graphical interface, and are largely mouse-driven.

Quoting from the FAQ for the newsgroup:

ADRIFT provides an approachable dialog-box-based programming environment which may appeal to aspiring IF authors without programming experience. Sufficient capabilities are provided within that environment to capably produce conventional text adventure games, optionally with multimedia enhancements. The main disadvantage, besides the inherent limitations of a forms-based programming interface, is that the games can only be played under the various MS Windows operating systems.

Read the complete ADRIFT entry at or the entire FAQ at

The ADRIFT version of "Cloak of Darkness" was written by Campbell Wild (

CAUTION: ADRIFT is shareware. There is no charge for the Runner, but the Generator won't save files beyond a certain size unless you pay a registration fee.