A-code, originated by Dave Platt, is now developed by Mike Arnautov, whose pages at www.mipmip.org are the primary information source.

A-code was devised solely for the purpose of implementing supersets of the original Crowther and Woods Adventure. It is a Polish Prefix Notation language with a number of useful IF-specific features. The standard A-code library provides the skeleton of a basic game with support for many common actions, and this can be easily customised.

An A-code adventure is created by using the translator to convert A-code source into an ANSI C program and a data file, then compiling and linking the C program with the A-code kernel. The resulting executable, plus the data file, are all that's required to play the adventure -- there is no separate interpreter.

The A-code version of "Cloak of Darkness" was written by Mike Arnautov (mla@britishlibrary.net).